For 1999, Ferrari introduced a limited production of F355 Spider models designated, "Serie Fiorano." Launched in March, 1999, this limited production run of 100 planned units (104 actually produced) included a number of performance enhancements:

  • Competizione-derived Fiorano suspension pack, featuring wide track, stiffer springs, a thicker anti-roll bar
  • Drilled and ventilated brake discs and competition brake pads
  • Competizione-sourced steering rack
  • Alterations to the computer mapping provided a little more power and torque
  • Challenge rear grilles and enamelled Scuderia Ferrari shields
  • Carbon-fibre inserts (normally only available as expensive special order options): centre console, door sills and paddle shifters
  • Suede-covered steering wheel

There were 100 Serie Fiorano units delivered to the U.S. market, 74 with the F1 transmission and 26 with the 6-speed manual. An additional 4 units were produced beyond the planned production with 3 European models and one South African delivery. Each unit was delivered with a numbered plaque affixed to the dashboard.